Yes, it's not too soon to get ready EARLY for Christmas.

Greetings from Vancouver, BC! Everything on this site is beautifully hand-crafted from RECYCLED materials ("made new")!

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Tuesday 2 February 2016

Bunting bags - for newborn twins

matching bunting bags for newborns; for a pair of twins? :)  
or single
We could make different colours, by request

Friday 16 October 2015

Puppy Slippers

Do you have 4-footed friend? Send me your dog pic, and order to suit. $16 per set of 4 shoes (small ones).

Baby Bunting Bags

Looking for a Baby gift? These are cute and warm. Hand-made. 
$25 per bunting bag.

for Christmas babies!

Handmade blankets

Lots of handmade blankets, bigger & smaller.
These granny squares are mostly 3' x 3', $20 each.  
Granny Square blankets
Email me what colours you like, or what you see here that interests you.
Also have a double-bed blanket. 


Hand-crocheted snowmen! 
Yes, we stand on guard for thee...
$6 for large, $4 for small
If interested, email 

10-Year Calendars!

Why waste money on calendars you toss out every year? This hand-made one will last you for the next decade. Fun activity to change the months and moveable days.  $12 per 10-Year Calendar.

Fronts and backs shown. Different colours available.

Pot holders or Hot pads

These are nice & thick. 2-sided. Many different colours available. $5 a pair.

Christmas flower baskets

Beautiful Christmas flower baskets!
little 3-inch pots, hand-crocheted sleeves, with Christmas pointsettias. Especially for shut-ins.
$7 basket. If interested, email 

Sunday 16 November 2014

Happiness is to do Recycling

Greetings to everybody! Time to start thinking about Christmas. And all the excellent Recycled things you can use to help bring happiness!!

Tablecloth & Accessories for Christmas!

Here is your Christmas setting, for your guests.

4'x6' tablecloth.

$50 for the whole set:
  • tablecloth
  • 4 placements
  • 4 napkins with 
  • 4 Christmas napkin-rings
  • 2 potholders/hotpads
  • candlebase & candle

Turkey not included.

Nice Christmas Jewelry Boxes

Handmade Jewelry boxes, made from recycled materials. 
They make Beautiful Christmas gifts. $12 per box.

Christmas! Decorations

Handmade Christmas Decorations. From all recycled materials. 
  • Wreath $3
  • Butterflies 2 for $1 
  • Candle $0.25 each or 5 for $1


These are your Winter birds. $5 each.

Hand Bags - Recycled!

These hand bags are all made out of grocery bags.  $15 each.

Tuesday 20 November 2012

6 same-doll set

6 same dolls, 13", with handmade clothes.
$10 each or $50 for all 6 dolls!